Interior Design: Painting & Decorating

Interior design & painting & decorating

We carry out all types of painting and wallpapering work for interiors. We’re proficient in various techniques that allow us to design your rooms individually according to your wishes.

We make a point of using solely high-quality products, offering competent and comprehensive advice and always keeping your design ideas in mind.

Interior painting and decorating

As professional decorators trained the “old school” way we take pride in our work and always work hard to achieve the perfect finish.

We apply the same level of cleanliness and attention to detail, regardless of the type or scale of interior decorating work that we take on.

As long as our customers want a high-class finish, we are happy to provide a competitive quote to decorate your bedroom, lounge, hallway, laundry room or the whole house.

Our high level of service isn’t for everyone, but if you appreciate the difference between a job that will do and a job done thoroughly with passion and pride, then we are worth a call!

This is a summary of how we would approach a typical redecorating job.

Sheeting up
Where possible, we don’t use cotton dust sheets to protect your carpets or hardwood flooring, instead, they get protected with masking and carpet/hard surface protector. This takes extra time, but it means your carpets and flooring are guaranteed to stay clean and because it is quick and easy to keep the room clean when we work, the paintwork is always nice and dust free too.

Vacuum sanding
We use full dust extraction sanding systems, so although we do a lot of sanding we generate much less dust even compared to the normal quick flick over merchants.

For interior woodwork, we sand, fill, skim fill skirtings, and would apply at least 3 coats of paint.

Although we always use Johnstones durable eggshell on kitchen units, increasingly we specify premium acrylic paint for interior door frames, skirtings, and doors. With the brushes we use and a few tips and tricks, the finish is really nice. Acrylic is tough too, and it will not yellow or lose its sheen. Also, it is very fast drying with almost no odour. Both Johnstones and Dulux now have excellent trade acrylic satin/eggshell products for interiors.

Eggshell is good for an understated finish, but where you want something with a bit more sheen, we highly recommend Mythic semi-gloss enamel. It is shinier than eggshell, but not so high glossy as conventional gloss, and very hard. (Oil based gloss dulls after a year anyway, and looks equivalent to the semi-gloss! Dulux white oil based gloss is also going yellow very quickly these days since they changed the formulas for the emissions laws, and many oil paints are taking an age to dry.)

Glazed doors, we can now mask and spray them on site.

Spindles on the stairs, if they are a natural finish now, we can prime and paint them and leave the rail in natural timber for a real high impact change.

On front doors, we do the “Number 10 Downing St” specification ie a special oil-based fine surface filler plus oil based Sikkens AZ gloss.

The walls/ceilings are fully sanded and skim filled as a matter of course to get rid of old filler, holes and roller marks from the last painters.

The paint we use is much more reliable and gives a better end result than the usual paints being used generally. We now almost exclusively use the modern acrylic matt emulsion finishes on walls, these now give a ‘fully scrubbable’ surface whilst retaining a ‘flat matt’ finish. Although, when working with interior designers, a more traditional finish is often specified, for this, Farrow & Ball’s ‘Estate Emulsion’ or Little Greene’s ‘Intelligent Matt’  are the preferred options.

We also offer various repair options for walls and ceilings ranging from skim filling through to full plaster re-skims.

Also, we can fill and then apply lining paper or wallroc to poor substrate walls to full emulsion standard, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference. So there are ways and means of dealing with any and every surface and requirement.

When you walk into a room that we have decorated, there will never be any doubt that it has been done to the very highest of standards!


The staircase and hallway frequently offer the first impression of a building, it also needs to be tough and hard wearing. With modern acrylic matt scrubbable emulsions you can easily wipe/scrub small marks off without being able to see this whilst looking down the wall in the future.

Staircases are also often overlooked for modernisation too, a high impact finish can be achieved relatively cheaply by hanging new doors and handles, new light switches, followed by a colour choice which is light and airy, giving your staircase a brand-new radiance!

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